Blog Tour Feb 4-24

If you're blog is interested in being part of the tour, email me!

Feb. 4:
Coffee, Books, & Me (Review, Character Interview, Giveaway)
Books for Kids (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 5:
Thoughts At One In The Morning (Review, Giveaway, Guest Post)

Feb. 6:
Author Karey White (Review, Interview, Giveaway)
Debz Bookshelf (Review, Giveaway)
Bokalskarinnan (Sweden) (Review, Interview, Guestpost, Giveaway)

Feb. 7:
Author Shannen Crane Camp (Review, Giveaway)
Read a Book (Review)
Book Nerd and Proud (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 8:
Author Jolene B Perry (Review, Giveaway)
I Read Indie (Spotlight, Interview)
Christina Dymock

Feb 9:
Sab the Book Eater (Review, Giveaway)
Books and their Worldy Realm (Spotlight, Guest Post)
Tiffany Loves Books (Review, Spotlight, Giveaway)

Feb. 10:
Writers Write On (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 11:
Love. Without You (Giveaway)
No Thoughts 2 Small (Review, Giveaway)
I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Interview)

Feb. 12:
Word Paintings Unlimited (Review, Giveaway)
The Potter's Hand Academy (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 13:
Walking on Bookshelves (Review, Giveaway)
Ellz Readz (Spotlight, Giveaway)
Eisley Jacobs (Guest Post)

Feb. 14:
Fictitious Musings (Review, Giveaway)
I Love to Read and Review Books (Ten's List, Review, Giveaway)
Book Haven Extroardinaire (Guest Post, Review)
Bookworm Lisa (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 15:
The Cheap Reader (Review, Guest Post)
Confessions of a Book Addict (Review, Interview)
Along the Road (Review, Interview, Spotlight, Giveaway)
Books 4 Tomorrow (Review, Guest Post, Giveaway)
Bookcase to Heaven (Review, Guest Post)

Feb. 16:
Kindle Obsessed (Review, Giveaway)
Le Book Squirrel

Feb. 17:
Book Briefs (Review, Giveaway)
Crys Book Reviews (Spotlight, Giveaway)

Feb. 18:
Paulette's Papers (Review, Spotlight)
A Book a Day (Review)
Winged Reviews (Guest Post, Giveaway)

Feb. 19:
Writing, the Universe, and Everything Books (Review, Giveaway)
This Great Perhapsless (Review, Giveaway)

February 20:
Books Complete Me (Review, Giveaway)
Ali's Bookshelf (Spotlight, Giveaway)
Literary Time Out (Review, Giveaway)
Taffy's Writings (Author Interview)

Feb. 21:
The Book Lovie (Review, Giveaway)
Gabic Reads (Spotlight, Giveaway)
Eternamente en Tiniebla (Spanish Blog, Review, Interview, International Giveaway)

Feb. 22:
Blackbird in my Window (Review, Giveaway)
Getting Your Read On (Review, Giveaway)
Katies Books (Review, Giveaway)
Mudrock and Pink Nail Polish (Author Mandi Tucker Slack)

Feb. 23:
Min Reads and Reviews (Review, Giveaway, Interview)
The Book Bug
For The Love Of Film And Novels (Review, Giveaway)

Feb. 24:
Stephanie Worlton (Review, Giveaway)
The Calico Critic (Review, Giveaway)


  1. I would love to participate! Feb 23rd? minreadsandreviews at gmail dot com

  2. I would love to participate, how about February 18?

    cathy dot jeppsen at

  3. I would love to participate! Feb 16th would be great!

  4. I would love to participate! February 23rd would be great.
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  5. I would LOVE to participate! February 11th? Review, Book highlight, anything is good with me!

    Konstanz Sivlerbow

  6. I'd love to participate! February 18 or 21?


    1. I put you on the 21st. Thank you!

    2. I can do a review, spotlight, and giveaway, if that's okay.

  7. Can we change that to February 9th?! Brooke Ochs

  8. I would love to help out. I can do the February 19th spot.

    m.r.buttarsbooks AT gmail dot com

    1. Can I do a review as well? I'm scheduled for the 19th.

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